End of campaign update – Oct. 16

Thank you to each and every one of you for helping ABC, Tucson Audubon, and Victor Emanuel raise the funding needed purchase Paton’s Birder Haven. We are in the final process of calling in the pledge donations, and we continue to raise funds for small repairs to the house and property, but are optimistic that we have reached the goal. We are now scheduled to close on the property in early 2014 and will notify each of you when the acquisition is complete.


Thank you to our donors! See the current list.



The Paton's Birder Haven Story


American Bird Conservancy, Tucson Audubon, and Victor Emanuel Nature Tours teamed up recently to raise enough funds to purchase Paton's Birder Haven—the Patagonia, Ariz. home of Wally and Marion Paton that has welcomed so many birders through the years. The response of birders, bird lovers, and conservationists has been wonderful and much appreciated.


We know the response has been tremendous because Paton’s Birder Haven is such a special place. It started in 1974, when Wally and Marion—life-long bird-lovers—began to plant flowers and install water features on their property. They put up hummingbird feeders and had great success, attracting Violet-crowned Hummingbirds along with even rarer species like the Cinnamon Hummingbird and Plain-Capped Starthroat.


When the couple realized birders were crowding outside their fence to get a better view, the Patons opened the gate and welcomed them inside.


Over time, the Patons provided a tent for visiting birders, installed benches, and provided bird guides. They placed a chalkboard in the yard so daily sightings could be noted. On the gate, they installed a tin can called the “sugar fund” for donations to defray the cost of bird feedings.


With the help of hundreds, the property can now be maintained in perpetuity for birders and birds—a fitting tribute to the Paton’s legendary generosity. And you will be able to visit to see the birds, too!



From the Partners:

"Paton's is not only one of the best places to see America's hummingbirds but is also a great place to meet other birders. We need to save it for both the birds and the birders."

– George Fenwick, American Bird Conservancy


"Birders from all over the world come to the Paton's. Many have seen lifer hummingbirds there including the spectacular Violet-crowned Hummingbird. It would be a great shame to lose this fabled spot. I hope everyone who loves birds will make a donation soon."

– Victor Emanuel, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours


"This quiet, backyard haven is a magnet to birders worldwide. Please help make memorable experiences for future generations and donate today!"

– Paul Green, Tucson Audubon


Paton's Birder Haven backyard with hummingbird feeders; Wally and Marion Paton