Bird of the Week, July 1, 2011
White-bellied Cinclodes

White-bellied Cinclodes by Dan Lebbin


The White-bellied Cinclodes is the largest and rarest member of its genus, and is only found in treeless bogs or grasslands high in the Andes of central Peru. These birds are usually seen in pairs or small groups.


The primary threats to this cinclodes are illegal peat harvesting (the peat is gathered for mushroom farms elsewhere), mining operations, increased human populations, overgrazing, and free-roaming dogs. Conservation action is urgently needed, and ABC and ECOAN are now exploring opportunities with local mining companies to create new protected areas to enable better management of portions of the birds’ remaining habitat.


In 2007, ABC funded a search of 11 sites in Peru for this species. The search found 12 birds at only three locations, with the highest total (six) at Ticlio Pass. On a trip in June 2011, ABC and its Peruvian partner ECOAN observed fewer birds than usual, along with new signs of habitat degradation.
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Photo: White-bellied Cinclodes by Dan Lebbin; Range Map: ABC