Bird of the Week, February 28, 2011
Western Scrub-Jay

Western Scrub-Jay

The Western Scrub-Jay, with its bold blue color, long tail, and boisterous behavior is a regular sight in much of the lowlands of the coastal and southwestern United States into Mexico.  It occurs in open, dry, deciduous and pine forests with mixed shrub understories, and residential areas with exotic tree and shrub plantings. 


Western Scrub-Jays favor oak savannahs and woodlands, which is why it is one of the target species in ABC’s Quercus and Aves Program for conservation of oak bird species and their associated habitats. Commonly seen with an acorn in their bills, they possess remarkable skills in caching and relocating acorns.  Like all corvids, Western Scrub-Jays are considered to be smart and highly adaptable, and are expanding their range both north and east in the Pacific Northwest.


Western Scrub-Jay; Daniel Lebbin, Range Map; NatureServe, 2002

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