Bird of the Week, February 24, 2012
Mishana Tyrannulet

Mishana Tyrannulet by Dusan Brinkhuizen

The Mishana Tyrannulet, a type of flycatcher unique to Peru, was only recognized as a species in 2001. It is a small, green bird with a yellow belly, pale eye, and pale lower bill.  Its song is a simple series of two to four evenly spaced notes. Its diet includes small arthropods and fruit, especially mistletoe berries; it is frequently found perched at the top of bushes, often at the forest edge.


ABC and partner ProNaturaleza have worked together at the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve to improve management and enhance protection of white-sand forests for the Mishana Tyrannulet, Iquitos Gnatcatcher, Allpahuayo Antbird, and other rare birds. During 2010 and 2011, 2,368 acres of private property within the reserve was purchased for donation to the national government to be managed for conservation.


ABC and ProNaturaleza  are also undertaking educational campaigns with local communities, training programs for reserve staff, and bird surveys within the reserve.


The Mishana Tyrannulet is easily seen at Waqanki, a tourist lodge in the Mayo Valley near Moyobamba featured in a recent ABC blog. This is an excellent place to stop between the Tarapoto airport and the Abra Patricia reserve, where ABC has worked with ECOAN to protect over 24,000 acres of cloud forest.


Photo by Dusan Brinkhuizen; Range Map, ABC