Bird of the Week, March 14, 2011
Lewis's Woodpecker

Lewis's Woodpecker by Bill Hubick

Statistics for Lewis's Woodpecker


The Lewis’s Woodpecker, notable for its flycatching habits and dark green and pink coloring, is a bird of open ponderosa pine forests and burned areas. It is somewhat nomadic, and may range widely in search of appropriate nesting and feeding areas.

Surveys indicate that Lewis’s populations may have declined by about 60% since the 1960s, likely due to loss or alteration of suitable nesting habitat.  Although overall population sizes are still high, this precipitous decline signals an urgent need for species-specific conservation actions.


ABC has worked to conserve the Lewis’s Woodpecker by purchasing land in Klickitat County, Washington in cooperation with The Columbia Land Trust to provide high-quality habitat for the species.  ABC has also started a program aimed at educating landowners on conserving habitat for cavity-nesting birds, including Lewis’s Woodpecker, in ponderosa pine forests throughout the West.


To learn more and help ABC's efforts to save the Lewis's Woodpecker, click here

Photo: Lewis's Woodpecker by Bill Hubick; Range Map: NatureServe/ABC