Bird of the Week, March 7, 2011
Iquitos Gnatcatcher

Iquitos Gnatcatcher by Jose Alvarez Alonso

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The Iquitos Gnatcatcher is a lively little bird with a distinctive habit of continuously flicking its wings and tail as its forages through the tree canopy in search of invertebrates.


This bird was first described in 2005, and is unique to the white-sand forest of Peru’s Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve. It is listed as Critically Endangered under IUCN-World Conservation Union criteria due to its restricted range (less than eight square miles), tiny population, and the threat deforestation poses to its remaining habitat.


With help from ABC, ConocoPhillips, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), and the Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust, ProNaturaleza, a leading Peruvian conservation organization, has purchased over 1,200 acres of private land within the Allpahuayo-Mishana boundaries for donation to the reserve, helping further conserve this highly threatened bird.


Photo: Iquitos Gnatcatcher by José Álvarez Alonso; Range Map: ABC, 2011

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