Bird of the Week, January 6, 2012
El Oro Parakeet

El Oro Parakeets by Fundación Jocotoco

The El Oro Parakeet was discovered in 1980 and officially described in 1988. It can be found only at the Buenaventura Reserve, established in 1999 by ABC partner Fundación Jocotoco. Although protected in the reserve, this parakeet is still threatened, mainly by deforestation and fragmentation of its habitat for pastureland and timber.


In 2006 Jocotoco installed 39 nest boxes for the parakeets at Buenaventura, which were accepted almost immediately by the birds and have been successful in boosting their population.


Now encompassing 3,700 acres, the Buenaventura Reserve boasts a lodge and trail system where visitors can look for the parakeet, as well as other threatened species, including the Gray-backed Hawk, Ecuadorian Tapaculo, Little Woodstar, and Long-wattled Umbrellabird.


Jocotoco, with the assistance of ABC and other partners, recently acquired an additional 318 acres to expand Buenaventura’s borders; see the press release for more details.


Visit our El Oro Parakeet page to learn more and help support this species.


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Photo by Fundación Jocotoco; Range Map, ABC