Bird of the Week, February 8, 2013,
Dusky Starfrontlet


Dusky Starfrontlet by Fundacion ProAves

The male Dusky Starfrontlet is a very dark hummingbird with a green-gold sheen, bright metallic blue throat spot, and glittering forehead. For a long time, this species was known only from a few specimens in museums; it was rediscovered by ABC partner Fundación ProAves in 2004.


The Dusky Starfrontlet has a very restricted range, which is largely unprotected and suffering from ongoing deforestation as settlers continue moving into the area. These lands also contain rich deposits of gold, zinc, and copper, which have attracted mining companies -- another serious threat to this already fragile habitat.


In 2005, ABC and ProAves created the Colibrí del Sol Reserve to protect habitat for the Dusky Starfrontlet. The reserve now covers 11,322 acres of páramo and montane cloud forest. ABC and ProAves are working to acquire additional habitat, and are seeking agreements with local municipalities and parks to further enlarge protected areas. Reforestation of degraded habitat is ongoing.




Photo: ProAves; Range Map, ABC