Bird of the Week, October 7, 2011
Diamantina Tapaculo

Diamantino Tapaculo by Sidney Sampaio, ABCRN


The Diamantina Tapaculo was first described in 2007. Like other tapaculos, this species skulks low in dense vegetation, making it very difficult to locate. It is most easily found and identified by its song and calls.


This tapaculo’s habitat is threatened by clearance for agriculture, primarily for the cultivation of coffee and bananas, as well as cutting for both subsistence and industrial-scale charcoal production, and frequent wildfires set to improve pasture or clear vegetation.


ABC has partnered with Associação Baiana para Conservação dos Recursos Naturais to study the distribution of endemic birds in and around Chapada Diamantina National Park. Encouragingly, a recent field survey found the Diamantina Tapaculo at 11 sites, nine of which are new locations for the species. The species seems to have some ability to inhabit dense secondary growth in disturbed areas and logged forests, which may indicate some tolerance of habitat degradation. Additional surveys for the tapaculo and other birds are scheduled for 2012.


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Photo: Diamantina Tapaculo, Sidenei Sampaio, ABCRN; Range Map, ABC