Bird of the Week, May 18, 2012
Cochabamba Mountain-finch

Coachbamba Mountain-finch by Dan Lebbin


The endangered Cochabamba Mountain-finch is a stocky, long-tailed bird, almost the size of a towhee, with striking rufous and slate-gray plumage. Like other finches, its diet consists mostly of seeds.


The Cochabamba Mountain-finch inhabits areas of mixed forest and scrub, areas that are unfortunately also ideal for human settlement, agriculture, and cattle grazing.  Although this finch can tolerate some man-made habitat loss and alteration, it disappears from areas where all native vegetation has been cleared. While habitat loss and fragmentation are the biggest threats to this species, exposure to pesticides is also a factor.


ABC has supported in-country partner Asociación Armonía in their work to raise awareness of the Cochabamba Mountain-Finch through environmental education at local schools, to help farmers reduce pesticide use through organic farming methods, and to evaluate, map, and conserve finch breeding areas.

Photo by Dan Lebbin; Range Map, ABC