Bird of the Week, June 29, 2012
Chestnut Antpitta

Chestnut Antpitta by Jon Hornbuckle


The Chestnut Antpitta is a small, plump bird that usually stays well-hidden in dense vegetation. At least two widely-disjunct populations occur; these differ in voice, and may prove to be separate species once the genetics of the Chestnut Antpitta and the closely-related Rufous Antpitta are further studied.


The biggest threat to this species is ongoing deforestation, but ABC and its Peruvian partner ECOAN are working to protect its habitat in both portions of the Chestnut Antpitta’s range.


Abra Patricia protects more than 24,000 acres of cloud forest habitat for this and many other rare, endemic species. Park guards near the Owlet Lodge in the reserve have recently habituated a Chestnut Antpitta to worm feeding making it easy for visitors to see and photograph.


ABC and ECOAN have also been working with local communities to protect forests in the Carpish Mountains and other mountains near Huanuco, resulting in the creation of two additional protected areas. Learn more about ABC and ECOAN’s work in central Peru!


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Photo by Jon Hornbuckle; Range Map, NatureServe