Bird of the Week, January 31, 2011
Bahia Spinetail

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The Bahia Spinetail is an attractive wren-like, insectivorous bird unique to the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. It is usually found in undergrowth along forest edges and in clearings. First discovered in 1995, it is found only at a few sites in east-central Brazil, from central Bahia to northeastern Minas Gerais. Over 90% of the spinetail’s humid forest habitat has been lost and the remainder is highly fragmented, meaning the species is highly dispersed and populations are isolated. Besides logging and clearing for pasture and crops, wildfires are a significant threat to the remaining forests, even affecting the few protected areas where the spinetail occurs, which do not have adequate fire protection or control. In 2007, ABC and its partner Fundação Biodiversitas established the Stresemann’s Bristlefront Reserve. A population of the Bahia Spinetail was recently discovered here, which will help assure the species' survival.

Bahia Spinetail; Ciro Albano, Range Map; ABC

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