Bird of the Week, September 21, 2012
Antioquia Wren


Antioquia Wren by Carlos Esteban Lara

The Antioquia Wren was first seen in 2010, and formally described as a new species in the July 2012 edition of The Auk. This wren is mostly brown and white, and differs from similar species in plumage color of the upperparts, pattern of barring on the wings and tail, smaller body size, and unique vocalizations.


One of the biggest threats to the Antioquia Wren is the ongoing construction of a multi-million dollar hydroelectric dam, which will flood 15 square miles of its habitat, including all six locations where the bird has been confirmed. Increased mining, tourism, and deforestation for agriculture have also resulted in widespread habitat loss. Unfortunately, none of this region's dry forest is currently protected, making conservation of the Antioquia Wren even more imperative.


A closely-related species, the Niceforo’s Wren, which inhabits dry forest in eastern Colombia, has been protected by ABC, World Land Trust-US, and ProAves at the Cucarachero del Chicamocha reserve.






Photo: Carlos Esteban Lara; Range Map, ABC