Featured Donor

Golden Eagle by Brian Murphy


The Leon Levy Foundation is a national leader in making the world a safer place for birds. American Bird Conservancy is grateful to the Foundation for its critical support of both our Collisions Program and our Bird-Smart Wind Program.


Collisions with man-made structures cause an estimated 300 million to one billion birds to die each year. Thanks to the Leon Levy Foundation, ABC is the only national conservation group with a Birds and Collisions program, which aims to reduce bird mortality caused by collisions with buildings, and in particular glass. The Foundation supports ABC’s work to identify practical solutions in the form of commercially available and affordable materials, and to develop and promote bird-friendly legislation, building design, and construction standards.


The Leon Levy Foundation also supports ABC’s Bird-Smart Wind Program, which addresses threats to birds from unchecked wind development. Together with the Foundation we are working to prevent the annual deaths of hundreds of thousands of birds as well as the destruction of important bird habitat, and to bring about real policy change to benefit birds including Bald and Golden Eagles, Whooping Cranes, sage-grouse, and a host of migratory species.


ABC is proud of our partnership with the Leon Levy Foundation in protecting native birds and their habitats, and we are extremely grateful for its support of bird conservation.