Threats to Birds from Energy Production

Smoke stacks by stock.xchng

Smoke stacks by stock.xchng


When we normally think of the "cost" of producing energy, we tend to think of our electricity or gas bill. But every means of energy generation has an environmental impact that must be factored into its production if we are to evaluate its true cost. Birds are particularly sensitive indicators of environmental change, and so it is important to understand what the effects on them are from any given means of energy production, not just for the benefit of their long-term conservation, but for the benefit of the environment and biodiversity as a whole.


Some forms of energy are more harmful to the environment than others, but even so-called renewable sources such as wind power and hydro electricity can have detrimental effects on bird populations. This section of the Website gives some detailed insight into the effects of energy production on birds and how they might be minimized/mitigated.


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