BCR 23 - Prairie Hardwood Transition

BCR 23 mapPrairies dominated this region in the west and south and beech-maple forest in the north and east, separated by an oak savannah. There are still remnant populations of Greater Prairie-Chicken in grasslands and Cerulean Warbler and other forest breeding migrants to the northeast. Early successional habitat is used by Golden-winged Warblers, Henslow's Sparrows, and American Woodcock. Glaciation has resulted in numerous pothole-type wetlands and shallow lakes, and the Great Lakes support coastal estuaries and are the destinations of much river flowage. Additional important lakeshore wetland waterfowl habitats range from emergent marshes and diked impoundments to nearly ice-free deepwater habitats valuable for diving ducks. This region is second only to the prairie pothole region in terms of support of high densities of breeding waterfowl including Mallard, Blue-winged Teal, Wood Duck, and Redhead.


ABC-designated Globally Important Bird Areas in this BCR

Allegan State Game Area and Kalamazoo River

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge and Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area

Lake St. Clair

Trempeleau National Wildlife Refuge

Upper Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge and Army Corps of Engineers Lands