Vacancy - International Conservation Program Officer

Position Summary:

Title: International Conservation Program Officer
Supervisor: Vice President of Conservation
Location: Greater Washington, DC/Northern Virginia area
Application Deadline: August 30, 2013


American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is looking for a high-energy individual who is able to work effectively in partnership to develop and direct bird conservation programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The International Conservation Program Officer will focus her or his work on one or more of the following regions: Brazil, Mexico, Central America, and/or the Caribbean.


The International Conservation Program Officer will develop and coordinate a portion of ABC's international field conservation projects focused on threatened species, priority neotropical migrants, and Alliance for Zero Extinction sites across Latin America and the Caribbean. The Officer will be supervised by ABC's Vice President of Conservation and will work closely with other International and Migratory Bird program staff to establish an integrated conservation program, including developing conservation plans, building partnerships across the region, and implementing conservation projects. The International Conservation Program Officer will work with a network of ABC in-country partners to carry out ambitious, effective, and integrated conservation projects. The position will require excellent conservation and project management experience, organizational and writing skills, and a broad knowledge of ABC’s mission, objectives, and programs. 

Primary Duties:

•  Develop and implement in-country conservation projects: Work with ABC staff, NGO partners, and other leaders to identify, develop, and implement priority international bird conservation projects to protect wild birds and their habitats in Latin America and the Caribbean. Develop strategies, partnerships, and agency liaisons to address these issues.


•  Ensure sound project management and timely results: Provide project and program management expertise to ensure meaningful and lasting results are accomplished on a timely basis. Undertake field visits to assess and evaluate ongoing conservation projects and partner effectiveness.


•  Foster strong in-country partnerships: Work with, mentor, and assist in-country partners, and work to ensure the long-term viability of in-country partners, partnerships, and conservation reserves. Assist partners in building capacity in planning, training, and U.S. fundraising.


•  Contribute to the international conservation strategy and advance new approaches to conservation: Work with the ABC team and in-country partners to develop annual and project workplans to preserve and protect birds and  healthy natural ecosystems. Advance innovative conservation programs (e.g. carbon credits, ecosystem services payments, promoting shade coffee, ecotourism and silviculture, and reserve sustainability) to promote bird conservation, human well-being and the sustainability of the planet.


•  Fundraising and Financial Management: Assist ABC's Development Department to obtain funding for bird conservation projects in the Latin American or Caribbean; work with ABC's Financial and Development Departments to ensure the effective use, management and reporting of all international finances.


•  Networking and Coalition Building: Represent ABC's conservation work with other institutions, multi-lateral organizations, governments, and domestic and international conservation organizations to advance conservation projects.


•  Maintain excellent communication with ABC staff about international programs, produce articles for publicity and website.

Position Requirements:

•  Bachelor’s degree or higher in conservation or environmental sciences, non-profit management, wildlife management, or a related field with knowledge of conservation, ornithology, and management needs of birds in the Americas. Creativity and demonstrated leadership skills required.


•  At least three years of conservation experience in Latin America or the Caribbean, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


•  Proven ability to manage multiple projects, produce effective results. Entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take responsibility.


•  Proven ability to meet deadlines. Ability to find solutions and demonstrate tenacity for difficult or long-term projects.


•  Previous experience working in partnership with other organizations, and working effectively in cross-cultural situations.


•  An outgoing, positive, persuasive manner and predisposition for collaboration, but with ability to work both independently and as part of teams.


•  Knowledge of neotropical migrant and Latin American birds preferred.


•  Excellent writing, presentation, and organizational skills.


•  Willing and able to travel internationally frequently.


•  Fluency in English and Spanish or Portuguese required.


Application Instructions:


The position will be based in the Greater Washington, DC/Northern Virginia area.


Please send a cover letter and resume to: by August 22, 2013.