Golden-winged Warbler Public Lands Coordinator

Position Summary:

Title: Minnesota Golden-winged Warbler Public Lands Coordinator
Supervisor: Migratory Bird Program Director
Location: Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, Rochert, MN
Application Deadline: May 21, 2013
Term of Position: Approx. June 15, 2013 to June 15, 2015

Introduction and Primary Duties:

American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is looking for a motivated individual who is able to work effectively in partnership with public conservation agencies in Minnesota to implement best management practices for Golden-winged Warblers and other wildlife associated with early successional habitat on public lands

Minnesota is a key state in an international initiative to save the Golden-winged Warbler (GWWA), from further population decline. Minnesota has the highest number of breeding GWWAs in the country and the second highest population of breeding American Woodcock, another young forest specialist. Successfully achieving GWWA population goals will require creating, restoring and maintaining high quality young forest in Minnesota. To accomplish this young forest (or early successional habitat) best management practices for GWWA have been developed. Efforts on private lands that are complimentary to the public lands efforts will also be taking place in the region.


American Bird Conservancy has secured funds to hire a Golden-winged Warbler Public Lands Coordinator who is responsible for overseeing the implementation of early successional habitat on public lands in Minnesota. The Public Lands Coordinator’s main duties will be to work with public land partners (county, state, fed, tribal) within high priority GWWA focal areas to:

  • Promote young forest management, identify locations, and oversee implementation of  best management practices on 1,100 acres of public lands within the GWWA Focal Area GL – 4 (NE and Northcentral MN).

  • Identify potential private lands to acquire for conservation and transfer to public ownership with The Conservation Fund.

  • Provide technical assistance to local, state and federal agencies on implementation of best management practices for young forest focal species and help prepare sites (i.e., project boundary or tree marking) for restoration or management activities as needed.

  • Prepare site based habitat management plans for implementation of best management practices and work with public agencies to amend existing management plans accordingly.

  • Work with local foresters to solicit bids for restoration activities and timber sales.

  • Participate in, or lead, habitat management workshops to train others on how to plan and implement early successional habitat management to benefit the Golden-winged warbler and associated species.

  • Monitor and track project activities using an electronic database and GIS to ensure proper reporting. Assist with focal species monitoring pre and post treatment


  • The position requires excellent networking and communication skills (presentation, inter-personal, reading, and writing); project management experience, and organizing and leadership skills. Proven ability to manage multiple projects, produce effective results and meet deadlines required

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in wildlife management, forestry, or environmental sciences, or a related field. A deep understanding of conservation implementation, habitat management, ornithology, forestry, and wildlife biology will be necessary.  
  • Professional knowledge and skills to assess, devise, and apply strategies for natural resource management as to meet desired wildlife habitat objectives.
  • A general knowledge of environment laws, regulations and policies to insure legal standards are met in formulation of habitat development and restoration activities.
  • Previous experience working with public agencies (e.g. USFWS, MN-DNR, Co. Forests) is desired.
  • Ability to be self-motivated, responsible and solve problems is necessary. Applicant must be able to develop and manage their daily work schedules to achieve results.
  • Ability to use ArcGis and Google Maps to identify and delineate project boundaries.

  • Ability and willingness to work in often physically challenging environment under adverse weather conditions.

  • Ability to identify local MN migratory birds by sight and sound also necessary.

The Coordinator will be based out of the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge Office in Rochert, Minnesota. The Coordinator is an ABC employee, represents ABC in their work and will report to ABC’s Migratory Bird Program Director and Golden-winged Warbler Breeding Habitat Coordinator. The coordinator will also be responsible to, and will be communicating and coordinating activities with, the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge Manager who is hosting the position. The Coordinator will be required to participate in Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) training programs, including wild land fire certification, in order to use FWS facilities and equipment and participate in management activities. A vehicle may be provided by the FWS, however applicant must have own vehicle which could be used for the project when necessary. Mileage will be reimbursed.


Application Instructions:

Please email a cover letter and resume to:

Merrie Morrison
Vice President of Operations