Science Coordinator—East Gulf Coastal Plain Joint Venture

Position Summary:


Title: Science Coordinator—East Gulf Coastal Plain Joint Venture
Supervisor: Vice President for Conservation Programs
Location: EGCP JV Geography
Application Deadline: April 30, 2014




This is a full-time, two-year term position on behalf of the East Gulf Coastal Plain Joint Venture (EGCPJV). Pending the securement of additional funding, it is intended that the position will be extended beyond two years.

The Science Coordinator will play a lead role in facilitating and supporting the technical activities of the EGCPJV. The EGCPJV is a voluntary partnership of private, state, and federal conservation organizations that have assumed responsibility for implementing national and international bird conservation plans within portions of 6 states comprising the East Gulf Coastal Plain ( The incumbent will be employed through ABC as a team member of the EGCPJV Office and will report to and receive direction from the EGCPJV Coordinator. ABC will provide supervision through the Vice President for Conservation. Preferred duty location will occur within the EGCPJV geography.


Team members of the EGCPJV Office have a lead responsibility for coordinating and facilitating the work of the entire partnership on all aspects of bird conservation planning, implementation, monitoring, research, evaluation, administration, and organizational growth. The Science Coordinator will play the lead role in coordinating and facilitating the partnership's collective efforts to develop and progressively refine a robust, science-based foundation for bird conservation in the region. A central theme of this work is to guide partners under a common vision for supporting the habitat needs of bird populations in this landscape. The position requires working knowledge and familiarity with the mission and objectives of ABC and the EGCPJV and a working knowledge of Joint Venture structure, function, and its role in facilitating bird conservation. The position also demands strong communications skills required to lead, negotiate, and advise on matters of a technical nature. The work requires initiative, flexibility, and attention to detail. It is essential that the staff member in this position is able to prioritize tasks and work in a team environment.


Primary Duties:


1. Coordinates and facilitates the science-based biological planning necessary to link on-the-ground habitat objectives of EGCPJV partners to population goals and objectives of regional, national, and international bird conservation plans. Coordinates the activities of multiple partners in developing, through transparent, replicable processes and procedures, objectives that reflect measurable biological outcomes linked across multiple spatial scales. These objectives integrate biological goals and objectives for multiple bird species groups (e.g. landbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, waterbirds) in a spatially-explicit manner.


2. Works with multiple partners in developing decision support tools that guide on-the-ground conservation actions with explicit consideration of the environmental sensitivity of the landscape and broader-scale biological outcomes.


3. Engages with working groups and individual conservation partners to develop goals, objectives, protocols, and procedures for monitoring habitat change and population response at multiple spatial scales that are linked to formal decision-making processes.


4. Works with scientists in other agencies and organizations to identify research needs. Facilitates projects that address assumptions and uncertainties associated with the EGCPV's biological planning and that lead to progressive refinement of its biological goals and objectives.


5. Creates and maintains an effective partnership infrastructure that includes standing and ad hoc committees and working groups focused on developing and refining the scientific foundation underpinning conservation actions of EGCPJV partners.


6. Represents the EGCPJV in broader science arenas associated with national and international bird conservation initiatives (e.g. the Partners in Flight Science Committee).


7. Prepares for and participates in or leads appropriate aspects of staff meetings, working group gatherings, workshops, and meetings of the EGCPJV Management Board.


Position Requirements:


1. A Master's degree and at least two to three years of work/research experience in a related position. Demonstrated knowledge of the theories and principles of landscape ecology, population ecology, and habitat management.


2. Demonstrated knowledge of Geographic Information Systems and their application in characterizing, analyzing, and assessing ecological processes, systems, and conditions.


3. Demonstrated knowledge of field techniques and procedures in monitoring and assessing wildlife population status and habitat conditions.


4. Skill in the development of population/habitat relationship models and the application of model-based approaches to assessing, predicting, or monitoring the ability of landscapes to support wildlife populations.


5. Knowledge of experimental designs to test and assess hypotheses regarding population/habitat relationships and experience in organizing research projects to address the partnership's science priorities.


6. Demonstrated abilities in written and oral communication with academia, land managers, conservation administrators, and the general public.


7. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with conservation professionals and professionals from other disciplines.


8. Skill in developing grant proposals to support biological research and assessment.


9. Willingness to travel frequently throughout the East Gulf Coastal Plain and the United States.

Application Instructions:


Please send a CV, letter of interest, and contact information for three references to:


Merrie Morrison
Vice President of Operations

Application Deadline is: April 30, 2014