The Strategic Bird Conservation Framework



The problems facing birds today are myriad and complex, requiring a far-reaching, bold vision for conservation. ABC has developed a unique and successful strategy to preserve bird diversity and maintain or increase wild bird populations.


Safeguarding the Rarest


Jocotoco Antpitta by Franco Morocho

Jocotoco Antpitta by Franco Morocho

Pyramid - safeguarding the rarestABC aims to halt imminent bird extinctions throughout the Americas by working with partners in Latin America to create a network of sustainable reserves that protect the last remaining habitats for the most endangered species, and by strengthening domestic legislation and regulations.



  • Prevent the extinction and promote the recovery of the most endangered birds throughout the Americas by establishing a network of reserves and community projects at population strongholds for all of the rarest species.
  • Support a strong, fully funded Endangered Species Act to help endangered bird species recover.
  • End albatross and other seabird mortality in longline fisheries.


Conserving Habitats


Amazon-forest by Adrian Tejedor

Amazon forest by Adrian Tejedor

Pyramid - conserving habitatsABC works in the U.S. and internationally to improve habitat conditions at discrete sites and across large landscapes for birds identified on the U.S. WatchList.


  • Catalyze landscape-scale bird conservation through a continent-wide system of public-private bird conservation partnerships.
  • Establish flagship projects to solve key management problems, and help landowners conserve birds by providing technical advice and incentive assistance.
  • Protect the most irreplaceable sites for birds.
  • Increase federal funding for neotropical migratory bird conservation to $100 million per year including match by 2015.


Eliminating Threats

communications towers in Washington, DC by Mike Parr

Communications towers in Washington, DC
By: Mike Parr

Pyramid - eliminating threatsABC works to influence policy, laws, regulations, and harmful practices to ensure that major threats to birds are reduced or eliminated. ABC is also at the forefront in developing and promoting innovative solutions to major, human-induced bird mortality threats.



  • Eliminate or significantly reduce the impacts of the greatest threats to birds, especially those affecting species of conservation, concern such as:

Climate change
Energy development
Pesticide poisoning
Tower and building collisions
Free-roaming cat predation
Invasive species
Fishery bycatch
Poorly-planned development


Building Bird Conservation Capacity

Schoolchildren show off their bird drawings in Chaparri Peru, Sept 2007

Schoolchildren show off their bird drawings in Chaparri Peru, Sept 2007

Pyramid - building capacityABC strengthens scientific knowledge to further bird conservation goals, builds effective partnerships, and increases understanding of and engagement in bird conservation issues. ABC increases conservation resources by securing public funding for both government agencies and private entities.



  • Develop science-based solutions to today’s bird conservation problems.
  • Unify conservation and birding groups through the Bird Conservation Alliance
  • Publish a guide to bird conservation to provide recommendations for action
  • Engage a broad audience of supporters through the national Bird News Network.