WatchList Species Account for Prairie Warbler
(Dendroica discolor)

Qualifies for the list as a Declining Yellow List Species


Prairie Warbler
Photo: Bill Hubick

A bird of early-successional, scrub oak and pine-barren habitats, the Prairie Warbler benefited from deforestation, and became widespread throught its range during the mid-twentieth century. However it has shown a steep decline in recent years, up to 44% indicated by Breeding Bird Surveys in the Midwest.


Cowbird parasitism and habitat loss on its wintering range in south Florida and the West Indies may be contributing to the decline of this species.


The Prairie Warbler's favored habitat is a fire-adapted community type, and prescribed burns may be used to maintain it. State and local governments and private conservation groups have done much in recent years to preserve examples of this habitat, with concommitant benefits to the species.