WatchList Species Account for Lucy’s Warbler
(Vermivora luciae)

Qualifies for the list as a Declining Yellow List Species


Lucy's Warbler

Photo: Tom Grey

One of the least well-known warblers of North America, the Lucy's Warbler is found primarily in riparian mesquite habitats in the southwestern U.S. and adjacent Mexico. It also breeds in lowland cottonwood-willow riparian forests and in thickets of the invasive non-native tamarisk.


In winter it is found in dry washes and riparian forest of the Pacific slope of Mexico. A cavity nester, this exclusively insectivorous bird is also subject to pressure from cowbird parasitism.


Interestingly, the species breeds in some of the densest concentrations of any non-colonial species found in North America.


The riparian forests favored by Lucy's Warbler have been reduced throughout much of its range, diminishing or extirpating many of the bird’s local populations. Lucy's Warbler would benefit from efforts to restore riparian ecosystems.