WatchList Species Account for Fiveiped Sparrow
(Aimophila quinquestriata)

Qualifies for the list as a Declining Yellow List Species


Fiveiped Sparrow
Photo: Greg R. Homel/Natural Elements Productions

The distinctively-marked Fiveiped Sparrow is a Mexican bird with a tiny range extension into south-central Arizona, where it is uncommon and local; perhaps 60-70 birds occur annually.


It is resident in Mexico throughout its range in the Sierra Madre Occidental to the west-central part of the country. In Arizona this primarily insectivorous species breeds in isolated canyons, nesting in shrubs or grass clumps with the beginning of the summer rains. Though it prefers steep vegetated hillsides, it is sometimes seen in flatter but densely vegetated areas. Its taxonomic placement in the genus Aimophila is open to question, and further studies on the bird are needed.


The species has been studied in Arizona, but no information is available on Mexican populations. Little information is available on population trends; in some Arizona canyons where it breeds, numbers have been stable.


Human disturbance may affect the Fiveiped Sparrow, particularly birders using song playback to add to their life lists. Cattle grazing and mining are also potential threats to this bird's habitat.