Conservation Assessment of Total Bird Diversity in the United States Including a Complete List of Birds of the United States with Conservation Rankings checklist symbol

Including Hawaii, all U.S. territories, accidentals, introduced species, and subspecies

Allen's Hummingbird by Glen Tepke

Allen's Hummingbird by Glen Tepke


A new study on the conservation status of American birds completed by American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is the first ever published to include the full range of bird diversity in all 50 U.S. states and U.S. dependent territories. The study finds that more than one third of these birds are in need of conservation attention. The study is presented in the form of a list of birds including subspecies, for the U.S. and its territories, with conservation rankings. The list and supporting information are made available below for your use in a range of formats*. The spreadsheets can be queried in a variety of ways to help inform national priorities for bird species and subspecies conservation, using numeric rankings and color coded categories.


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checklist symbol Analysis chart and lists of most At-Risk birds
checklist symbol Press release (Oct 18, 2012)


* Please cite as: American Bird Conservancy (2012) List of the Birds of the United States with Conservation Rankings.



Fall 2012 Bird Conservation Magazine CoverRead More


The Fall 2012 issue of ABC's magazine Bird Conservation focuses on the importance of conserving birds at all taxonomic levels, and discusses the key issues that led to the development of the ABC List of Birds and their Conservation Rankings.


Click here to download a selection of articles from the magazine with illustrations by David Sibley.


If you would like to read the complete issue and receive additional issues of Bird Conservation, join ABC here.











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