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The Birds in Agricultural Areas (BIAA) database is a cooperative program between American Bird Conservancy (ABC), George Mason University (GMU) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With this project ABC, GMU and EPA hope to identify the extent to which bird species in North America utilize agricultural fields both geographically and seasonally as primary or incidental habitat for foraging, breeding, cover, or roosting.


All major crops grown in the United States are included and geographic data includes state or province and Bird Conservation Region as defined by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI). Information to populate the database was obtained from books, scientific journals, government reports, gray literature, and a major library research project. This data is combined with conservation status indicators for each species including the Endangered Species Act Listings, American Bird Conservancy's Green List, and the NABCI species assessment values. The goal of this project is a web-based tool which can be used to understand the avian biodiversity supported by agricultural environments, to assess the risk to birds when considering the use of pesticides in agricultural areas, and to determine future research needs of birds in agricultural areas.


Searching the Database


The BIAA prototype database is now online! Users may search the database according to author, bird species, crop, or geographic information. Users can search by any combination of search fields or a single search field. Currently the BIAA database contains information for over 2900 bird crop associations including 296 bird species, 37 crops, 35 states, 5 Canadian provinces, and 26 Bird Conservation Regions. The purpose of putting the prototype database on the web is to allow potential users to provide feedback on the usefulness of the database and possible improvements. For questions, comments, or suggestions contact us.


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Database Documentation

View the BIAA prototype database documentation online.


The BIAA Website was last updated on August 26, 2004. Please feel free to submit comments and questions to ABC.