American Bird Conservancy's Policy Programs

Cerulean Warbler by Barth Schorre

Cerulean Warbler by Barth Schorre


In a perfect world, change comes about because it’s the right thing to do. Too often in today’s society, change only happens through legislation. Every day, the federal government makes decisions that impact birds and other wildlife. American Bird Conservancy knows this, and we employ a team of professionals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the bureaucracy and work with key partners to advocate for sound policy that is good for birds and their diverse habitats.


Major goals of ABC’s Policy Division are:

  • Improve and enforce environmental regulation at all levels of government, but particularly at the federal level.

  • Create or increase public funding for bird conservation.

  • Educate lawmakers, the bird conservation community, and the public on current and emerging policy threats to birds to engage their support for solutions.

Threats to birds come in many forms, most of which are not well known or understood by the public. Use the links below to find out more about these threats—and what ABC is doing to counter them and ensure healthy and abundant bird populations.


Pesticides and other toxins (including lead)
Collisions (with glass, communication towers, and wind turbines)
Fisheries (including longline fishing and horseshoe crab take)
Invasive Species
Bird conservation funding issues

Habitat Conservation