American Bird Conservancy's International Programs

Yellow-eared Parrot by Fundacion Proaves

Yellow-eared Parrot by Fundacion Proaves


ABC operates the most comprehensive and effective threatened bird conservation program in the Americas.  Working closely with in-country partners and government agencies, ABC’s international team is leading efforts to develop and implement conservation actions for the most threatened bird species, such as protecting and restoring their habitat, establishing monitoring programs to ensure conservation goals are met, and helping in-country partners develop long-term, sustainable, financial independence and organizational strength.


The core thrusts of ABC’s International Program are:

  • Building and sustaining a private and public reserve system for the 82 bird-triggered Alliance for Zero Extinction sites and the most important stronghold sites for declining birds in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Protecting key wintering habitat for 21 WatchList Neotropical migrants.
  • Improving communications, developing bird conservation capacity, building partnerships, and leveraging resources of bird conservationists in the Western Hemisphere.

Using Alliance for Zero Extinction sites, the U.S. WatchList  of Birds of Conservation Concern, and rare species stronghold sites to prioritize where ABC works, ABC and its partners have been successful in developing a network of 41 globally significant biodiversity reserves in 12 countries:  Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru, with a dozen additional projects in development.  The protection and management of these reserves benefits birds, biodiversity, local communities (through watershed protection and employment in ecotourism and other conservation-related activities), and the global community.  Hundreds of other endangered species – frogs, monkeys, orchids, bears – are protected throughout the reserve system.