Dusky Starfrontlet
DuskyStarfrontlet male_Fundación ProAves
Photo: Dusky Starfrontlet, Fundación ProAves


The Challenge

The Dusky Starfrontlet has a very restricted range in tiny forest fragments at Páramo de Frontino and Farallones del Citara in northwest Colombia. This area contains rich deposits of gold, zinc, and copper, which have attracted the attention of mining companies. Political instability in this region has prevented exploitation of these resources to date. The future expansion of mining remains a serious potential threat. The area is largely unprotected and is suffering from continued deforestation. As more people move into the area, habitat loss and degradation continue to be an ever-growing threat to the Starfrontlet.


ABC Conservation Framework

Efforts to save this species comes under Safeguarding the Rarest within ABC's Conservation Framework
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Primary Birds Impacted

Dusky Starfrontlet, Rusty-faced Parrot, Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer, and the newly-discovered Antioquia Antpitta

Newell's Shearwater_Michael Walther
Antioquia Antpitta by Fundacion ProAves



Ensure the protection of the Dusky Starfrontlet by creating a protected area, engaging community support for conservation, and develop long-term funding mechanisms for the management of the reserve.

ABC Results

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In 2004, ABC's partner Fundación ProAves rediscovered the Dusky Starfrontlet.

ABC Results Button In 2005, ABC and ProAves created the Colibrí del Sol Reserve. The reserve is now 11,322 acres of páramo and upper montane cloud forest.
ABC Results Button In 2010, with ABC support a conservation plan was developed for the reserve.
ABC Results Button In 2010, two new bird species were discovered at the reserve, one of which was the Antioquia Antpitta (Grallaria fenwickorum), whose scientific name was given in honor of the family of ABC President George Fenwick.
ABC Results Button Improvements made to the reserve field station allow it to house researchers and park guards.
ABC Results Button Preliminary botanical studies have resulted in the discovery of numerous new plant species, including a distinctive new páramo plant, Espeletia frontinoensis.


What Next?

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Conduct telemetry studies of the Antioquia Antpitta.

What Next Button Protect the Dusky Starfrontlet and other rare species by acquiring 5,000 additional acres of páramo forest, prioritizing areas with the antpitta.
What Next Button Secure a management agreement with the local municipality to protect a further 3,000 acres to consolidate the Dusky Starfrontlet Bird Reserve.
What Next Button Begin reforestation of degraded habitat and begin creating a habitat corridor to Orquídeas National Park.
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Work with the national park to strengthen habitat protection and reduce illegal colonization and destruction of páramo and forests.

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Establish habitat corridors in coordination with the nearby national park, perhaps through the creation of a water fund that would pay upstream landowners to protect habitat.