Golden-winged Warbler
Golden-winged Warbler by Barth Schorre

Golden-winged Warbler by Barth Schorre


The Challenge

The Golden-winged Warbler is one of the most seriously threatened, non-federally listed species in, eastern North America. Its decline is due primarily to habitat loss, particularly the loss of early successional habitats to suburban sprawl, regeneration of eastern forests, competition and hybridization with Blue-winged Warblers, cowbird parasitism, and potentially loss of wintering habitat.


ABC Conservation Framework

Efforts to conserve the Golden-winged Warbler fall under Conserving Habitats in ABC's conservation framework.
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Primary Birds Impacted

Golden-winged Warbler, American Woodcock, Blue-winged Warbler.



Increase habitat availability within the historic portion of the Golden-winged Warbler range in the Appalachian Mountains and develop Best Management Practices for forestlands in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Protect significant portions of the species’ wintering ground in Latin America.

ABC Results

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With support from a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant, ABC, the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture (AMJV), Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Game Commission, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources developed the science-based document, “Golden-winged Warbler Habitat Best Management Practices (BMP) for Forestlands in Maryland and Pennsylvania.”  Partners also created or enhanced over 1,000 acres of high quality breeding habitat for Golden-winged Warblers under this grant.  This BMP document is already being used to improve forestland habitats on private and public lands in key focal areas, and the AMJV and its partners are now working to integrate recommendations from the Golden-winged Warbler forestland BMP with a BMP document previously developed to enhance habitat for American Woodcock in the Appalachian Mountains. Click here for a high resolution copy of the BMP for download (18 MB).

ABC Results Button Identified critical populations in the Appalachians for focused conservation and habitat management efforts.
ABC Results Button ABC and our partners have produced and distributed more than 17,000 posters, stickers, and flyers and 400 t-shirts in the five countries participating in the wintering ground surveys (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela) to increase community awareness of conservation needs, and to promote increased conservation action on behalf of the Golden-winged Warbler in Latin America.
ABC Results Button ABC supported a team of volunteers and organizations in western Maryland, in conjunction with the Appalachian Regional Restoration Initiative, to plant more than 7000 seedlings on 16 acres of reclaimed mine sites, which is ideal in location, elevation, and forest type for Golden-winged Warbler habitat.


What's Next?

What Next Button ABC and its in-country partner will work cooperatively to increase and maintain shade coffee plantings on coffee farms in northern Nicaragua around the El Jaguar Reserve to protect the remaining forest fragments that are important areas for Golden-winged Warbler, and to assist the farmers in having their crops certified under sustainable coffee programs.
What Next Button Monitoring, research, and experimental management, enabling state, federal, and private land managers to target habitat prescriptions at specific sites to maximally benefit Golden-winged Warblers and other early-successional species on breeding and wintering grounds.
What Next Button Implement conservation actions, including monitoring, reforestation, protection, and environmental outreach, on the wintering grounds at key sites.

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